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Essentials Bundle

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Essentials Bundle



  • Magic Make-Up Remover
  • Epi Roller
  • Epi Spring

Product Description

Magic Make-Up Remover

Simple and easy to use, no chemicals, no scrubs, no solutions. Just use clean, warm water, wipe off your make up, rinse the cloth out and leave to dry for next time. The Magic Makeup remover also works on eye makeup! So no need to swap between lots of products.

Epi Roller

The EPI Roller is specifically designed to effortlessly remove that unwanted facial hair. Ideal for eyebrows, cheeks, neck and your upper lip. Can catch even the smallest of hair! Just hold the handle and roll the spring across the desired area, the coils catch and pull the hairs out from the root for long lasting results.

Epi Spring

The Laurelle Beauty Epilator Spring. Cost effective hair removal with no need for expensive beauty treatments. Suitable for use on chin, cheeks and upper lip. Quickly and easily removes even the smallest of hairs from the root. The convenient travel size means it can be used on the go, as well as from the comfort of your own home. No mirror needed, no plucking, no shaving, no waxing.


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